What’s Important?

What’s Important? To me the answer is plain and simple – STUDENTS! They are why I got into education and students are why I remain in education today. Everything I do revolves around the well-being, safety, security, and what’s best for them. Every child is entitled to a great education. All of them!

So, why reflect on What’s Important? Because too many times the decisions made by many are what’s important to them. What’s easiest. What doesn’t require anything extra. What gets me in and out without doing more than is required.

This is the wrong mentality for educators. Our focus should ALWAYS be WHAT’S IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS! What is best for our students. What will it take to make them all successful. No matter how long or what extra I have to do to help them all be successful. None of those things should matter. All that matters is WHAT’S IMPORTANT FOR THEM and not us.

Below is a quick breakdown of each of the blogs posted, the video, and graphic.

Me Management: You Have The Same Time As Everyone Else by @iannarino – S. Anthony Iannarino

Me Management focuses on what we value. We all have the same number of hours and days to accomplish what we want. If it is important to you then you will find the time to do it. 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. It is the same for everyone. No such thing as time management only ME management. What do you truly value? How do the investments in your time line up with what you truly value, what you truly want?

Great read for everyone!

Overcome Tech Barriers by Suzie Boss – @edutopia

My favorites from Overcoming Tech Barriers is overcoming our fear and learning with our students. Our students use tech everyday. They were born with it. Use them. Learn from them. Technology isn’t going away and our students need to know how to use it in the workplace and appropriately. Allow them to use it.

Pencil Metaphor – which part of the pencil are you? We need more Sharp ones and Leaders. Step up and be one. Thank you to those of you that are already there! Click on the graphic to make it larger and easier to read.

10 Ways to Differentiate Learning by @whatedsaid – Edna Sackson

These 10 are very simple and easy ways to differentiate and most can be implemented immediately with little preparation. Great ideas! Easy too.

How Extraordinary Happens by @danwaldo – Dan Waldschmidt

How do you get from Ordinary to Extraordinary? A very short and great explanation of what makes people Extraordinary. We need more extraordinary people. It starts with EXTRA. Do more for our students – be EXTRAORDINARY.

Cellphones are a Distraction by @tomwhitby – Tom Whitby

Great post on why we SHOULD be allowing students to use their smartphones for learning. Love how Tom breaks this down by defining telephones, cellphones, smartphones, computers, and distractions.

2DTUDczwtyc – 21st Century Learning. Check out this 2 minute video. Are you doing any of this? The future is here and now. Don’t wait. We need more of this now.

How To Become Connected by J. Robinson

Are you a connected educator and/or learner? We should be and it is so easy. This is where it’s at everyone. Don’t be afraid to try out social media to learn and connect with other educators across the country. Don’t wait for a professional journal or 60 minutes to talk about the greatest thing in education. Learn about it 3 months earlier from greats around the world.

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